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The Importance of a DJ-Client Consultation

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

"How Personalition

DJ Ollie Clarke Client Consultation

Makes a Difference"

  • I am trying something a bit different, in how I can help other couple's even if they arent booking myself... Let's see how this goes.

Every Wedding I do always comes with a 121 consolation, my friend's often ask why I miss 5 a side football to do this, because when they got married all they did was tell the hotel the track they wanted for the 1st dance.

Even if we meet at a well known coffee shop or virtually over Zoom / Teams or a phone call it's always great to get to know who I am working with and who they have booked.

Your wedding day is a reflection of your unique love story, and every element should resonate with your personalities and preferences. One pivotal aspect often overlooked is the importance of the DJ and client consultation. In this blog, we'll delve into why this meeting holds such significance and how personalization through thorough understanding can elevate your Wedding celebration to extraordinary heights.

#1. Understanding Your Vision:

A DJ-client consultation is not merely a formality—it's an opportunity for your DJ to grasp the essence of your vision. By discussing your musical tastes, preferred genres, and must-play (or do-not-play) songs, the DJ gains invaluable insights that allow them to develop a playlist that mirrors your love story.

# 2. Tailoring the Playlist:

Each wedding is as unique as the couple it celebrates. Through consultation, your DJ can craft a playlist that encapsulates the emotions, memories, and moments you want to cherish forever. Whether it's a nostalgic ballad or an energetic dance anthem, personalization ensures that every track resonates with you.

# 3. Addressing Special Requests:

Every couple has their own special songs—those melodies that hold profound meaning. A DJ-client consultation allows you to communicate these requests directly. This ensures that these songs find their moment, creating treasured memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

# 4. Adapting to Your Venue:

Understanding the complexity of your chosen venue is paramount. Is it an intimate garden ceremony, a grand ballroom affair, or a rustic barn celebration? By visiting the venue or discussing it in detail during the consultation, the DJ can tailor their equipment, sound levels, and setup to suit the unique acoustic and lighting effect's.

# 5. Seamlessly Managing Transitions:

A wedding celebration is a tapestry of moments, each with its own emotional resonance. From the grand entrance to the first dance and the lively reception, a DJ-client consultation enables the DJ to map out seamless transitions, ensuring that every moment unfolds with perfect timing and musical accompaniment.


A DJ-client consultation is where the magic begins. It's the foundation upon which a bespoke, unforgettable Wedding Entertainment is built. Through open communication, shared enthusiasm, and a deep understanding of your vision, DJ Ollie Clarke transforms your dreams into reality. The result? A Wedding celebration that not only reflects your love story but also creates cherished memories that will be treasured for a lifetime, as well as spoken about at Breakfast the morning after.

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