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Olivia and Rich's Wedding Celebration at The Mill Barns Wedding DJ

Olivia and Rich recently celebrated their love in style at The Mill Barns, and DJ Ollie Clarke was honored to be part of their special day. The atmosphere was electric as guests danced the night away to a mix of Motown, 80s hits, and a sprinkling of 90s classics, creating a playlist filled with timeless tunes.

The Mill Barns Wedding DJ Ollie Clarke is a famialr face at this amazing venue.

LED Dancefloor provided by the Crew at Wedding Sounds, adding a touch of glamour to the celebration. The vibrant lights and energetic beats set the perfect stage for a night of joy and celebration.

DJ Ollie Clarke, a seasoned Mill Barns Wedding DJ , curated the soundtrack for the night, blending classic indie anthems with beloved favorites, ensuring that Olivia and Rich's wedding was a memorable affair for all.

For couples looking to add a dash of musical magic to their wedding day, DJ Ollie Clarke offers an unparalleled experience. From creating bespoke playlists to providing services like LED Dancefloors, DJ Ollie ensures that each Wedding at The Mill Barns is a unique and unforgettable celebration.

To explore how DJ Ollie Clarke can elevate your wedding experience, visit

Congratulations again to Olivia and Rich on their beautiful Wedding

The Mill Barns Wedding DJ Ollie Clarke

The Mill Barns Wedding DJ Ollie Clarke

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